Vielen Dank and Happy Holidays!!

Dear Friends & Members of Mia San Montreal,

We hope you and your loved ones have been keeping healthy and safe.

It has arguably been the most difficult year in our life, forcing us to adjust to changes and adapt to new challenges. Many of us had to face tough times by either losing a loved one, caring for patients and parents (big admiration for the courage), or seeing childhood places & memories devastated. Would anyone need assistance, feel alone, or simply want to talk, please don’t hesitate anytime to contact us individually or at: 

The lockdown did not allow us to meet and enjoy times together for the past 3 months. And it is anyone’s guess when we will be able to reconvene again for our viewings. We also could not celebrate together our traditional annual Fanclub Christmas Party; FC Bayern have been kind sending us a gift box from Munich, which we will open at the earliest opportunity we can celebrate, even if in Spring.

In the meantime, we want to thank each one of our Mia San Montreal family – you – for your support, enthusiasm, and optimism throughout the year. Thanks to our friends at McKibbin’s, we shared beautiful moments with the historic triumphs of our beloved FC Bayern who contributed to bring us a smile, forget our problems, and savour unforgettable memories.

As we draw close to the end of 2020, and our FCB footballing year already over (at the top!!), please know that our thoughts are with you, your families, and your loved ones. Our best wishes to you for Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, and, most importantly, a Healthy 2021 – hoping we will see each other again the earliest possible. Take time for a well deserved restful holiday! Please find also below an appreciation note of best wishes to you all from our our friends at the FCB US office :)

Keep safe – Bleibt gesund – Mia San Mia !!

Danke und Herzliche Grüsse,

Karel, Mark and Steve