FC Bayern-M’gladbach live on SN + Weekend’s BL Schedule

Dear Friends & Members of Mia San Montreal,

Hope you are doing well & enjoyed our team’s win on Wednesday for what will be our 24th Pokal final.

As not all of you are on Facebook to obtain updates, we wanted to share with you the schedule of the Bundesliga games shown on Sportsnet this weekend, especially that our hosting of M’gladbach this Saturday 12:30 (SN Regular) is a potential Meisterschaft clincher if Dortmund lose earlier at Düsseldorf:
-Fri 14:30: Hoffenheim-Leipzig – SN Regular
-Sat 9:30: Düsseldorf-Dortmund (SN Regular); Hertha BSC-E Frankfurt (SN1); Wolfsburg-Freiburg (SNWL)
-Sat 12:30: FC Bayern-M’gladbach – SN Regular
-Sun 9:30 Mainz-Augsburg – SN Regular
-Sun 12:00 Schalke-Leverkusen – SN Regular

As a sidenote, good news may be looming: We have been informed by McKibbin’s Pub they may reopen on the week of June 22 pending their capacity to fulfill sanitary recommendations. If so, we will let you know as we could still have a viewing for our last BL game as well as the Pokal Finale!

Enjoy the weekend :)

Danke und Herzliche Grüsse,

Karel, Mark and Steve