Announcement: Montreal Viewing of Germany 2018 World Cup Games!

Hello Dear Friends and Members,

Further to the many questions you have been asking, and rightfully so, we are pleased to reach out to you today regarding the announcement of the “new” venue for the viewing of the Germany World Cup games this summer !!

Many of you may already know of the tragic fire that took place at our friends of the Irish Embassy a few weeks ago. We wish Paul Quinn, the owner, and his team all the best in getting up and running soon. With repairs necessitating at least 9 months, it became clear for us that we had a short turn-around time to find a home for the Montreal supporters of the  Mannschaft during the World Cup.

We have spent a great deal of time discussing this issue, and we have researched possible location options that would meet the needs of as many of you as possible. As we have been doing since 2010 for every major tournament, we have one motivation in mind: To offer the best viewing experience where we can all watch together, cheer together and celebrate together!

In searching for a replacement venue for the 2018 World Cup, we considered factors like location, viewing experience, beer availability, menu flexibility, and, perhaps most importantly, size capacity. We feel that we have found a venue that checks almost all of these boxes. There is never a perfect place, but the positives far outweigh any negatives and we believe it will give everyone a truly memorable experience.

So here are the long awaited pleasant news: We are happy to announce that 1909 Taverne Moderne will be the Team Germany headquarters! If unfamiliar with the place, it is a brand new sports bar located on 1280 Avenue des Canadiens adjunct to the Bell Center, built as part of the Tour Des Canadiens complex. Designed with the purpose of creating the best sports viewing experience possible, its showpiece is an incredible 46′ x 20’ (yes foot, not inch!) screen – THE BIGGEST SCREEN IN CANADA! The bar also houses another 65 screens so not to miss any action, and has ample seating to accommodate even our biggest gatherings. More info at:

A list of positives we see in this location:

Accessibility: Centrally located and attached to the Lucien L’Allier metro and commuter train stations.

– Ample parking both at the Bell Center (paid) and on surrounding streets

– Did we mention the large impressive SCREEN ??

– Can accommodate children indoors! The Taverne has tons of booth seating surrounding the main floor that is legal for minors – ideal for families!

– No danger of running out of hosting capacity; the floor area alone seats 700, with a total capacity of more than 1,000 spread on 3 levels! No fans turned down.

– Willingness by management to ensure Germany fans are given priority for floor seating, even if there is a game prior to ours.

– Availability of both German and domestic beers – and menu with German touch: A number of different types of Erdinger on tap as well as some promotional giveaways. If Weissbier is not your preference, there will be some very good local lager on special as well.

Headquarters of German supporters in Montreal. No other national team have their headquarters at the place.

We do recognize that the one thing lacking here is an outdoor venue…but simply, there are not many locations large enough to accommodate a group of our size while still meeting all of the other requirements. We felt that the trade-off of screen size, atmosphere and capacity was enough to offset being indoors for the games. It is worth mentioning that there will be an outdoor area where we can all gather after the game if we want to celebrate with a beer in the sun; it just isn’t set up to give a good experience for viewing.

So there you have it! We are currently connecting with the various German cultural, social and political organizations to get their support. We will also collaborate with 1909 Taverne Moderne to get the word out in the media to make sure all German fans are aware. More information to be shared with you once known. You are welcome to help spread the word & share the information; meanwhile please let us know if you need posters/copies (ready soon) to email or distribute from your end.

Vielen Dank! We cannot wait to enjoy another successful World Cup run on the road to a 5thstar with all of you :) Auf geht’s Deutschland schiesst ein Tor…

Herzliche Grüsse,

Steve, Mark and Karel