Meeting for 16 March against Leverkusen

Bayer BayernWe are glad to announce that the fan club will meet on 16 March in the afternoon to watch the game against Bayer Leverkusen. The game starts at 13:30 (including the impact of Daylight Savings Time) so you can arrive around 13:00 if you want.

The meeting will take place at Café-Bar St-Laurent Frappé (3900 boul. St-Laurent, map below). Until terrasses open, we cannot have under-18 children attending. Sorry for that.

The bar owner, Lionel, let us know that he now offers Beck’s beer on tap. It won’t be too late to celebrate our recent win against Bremen with a fresh brew from their area!

We also will organize a meeting for 30 March against Hamburger SV. The annoucement will be made separately.